On this website you will find information about the Swedish language in Finland, the Finland-Swedes and how to choose Swedish as your integration language in Finland.

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. The majority speaks Finnish as their mother tongue, however a minority speaks Swedish as their mother tongue and are called Finland-Swedes. The Finnish constitution grants the right to use Swedish with all state officials and to get service in Swedish by all Swedish-speaking and bilingual municipalities in Finland.

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The map

The map on the side will help you to find information about Swedish speaking activities and possibilities in different regions. The blue-colored area is the area that is colloquially called “Svenskfinland” (Swedish Finland). It is a region where both Swedish and Finnish are spoken.

Swedish, Finnish, Russian

Information about Finland

Finland is a republic with a little over 5 million inhabitants.Finland has been independent since 1917 and part of the European Union since 1995. Finland has very few inhabitants spread across a large area of land.Most people live in the southern part of Finland, in the capital city of Helsinki and the municipalities surrounding the […]

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What can you do to get language training in Swedish?

If you wish to be integrated in Swedish, you must report this in connection with your initial survey and agree about it when you draw up an integration plan with the Employment and Economic Development Office or the municipality’s social services office (which usually manages the initial survey for people on income support). Read through our […]

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Do you want to choose Swedish as your integration language?

The opportunities you have to be integrated in Swedish depend on where you live.Your integration education should obviously be in Swedish, and not all places offer Swedish courses.The Employment and Economic Development Office may also occasionally decide that will not be able to work in the region in which you live if you only speak […]

The Language Act

Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish.The Constitution states that people are entitled to speak Swedish and Finnish in Finland, while the Language Act dictates more about how this is to work. Government authorities Under the Language Act, you are entitled to speak Swedish or Finnish and be served in both languages by all […]

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How integration is planned in Finland:

Finnish society offers the following services to facilitate the process of becoming integrated in Finland. Responsibility for integration The municipality’s responsibility is to ensure that the municipality’s services also cover the needs of immigrants.The municipality is responsible for integration services for all people other than those registered with the Employment and Economic Development Office. Who […]

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Adult Education

In general, adult education is not free but is supported by the municipality and the government.Various daytime and evening courses, longer courses and seminars are organised. Information about different types of adult education is available in 25 languages on Infopankki. The Adult Education Centre in Swedish in Finland The website of the Association of Swedish Adult […]

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What is integration support?

When you take a course that is included in your integration plan, you are entitled to receive support in the form of money – this is known as integration support. You should apply for this support from Kela (Folkpensionsanstalten or FPA in Swedish) after you have agreed your integration plan with the Employment and Economic […]

Speaking Swedish with the authorities?

You can use Swedish in your dealings with all government authorities and bilingual municipalities (and monolingual Swedish municipalities). On this page, we have summarised the key government authorities with which you will have contact when you move to Finland and which you may need in certain situations: Finland in Swedish The Local Register Office If […]